• Game Servers

    (Posted by: DeepC on: 2012-02-20)

    The game servers are up again. At this time the following servers are available:
    - sarge.dm17.com:27960 - Quake 3, OSP, FFA
    - sarge.dm17.com:27963 - Quake 3, OSP, Duel
    - sarge.dm17.com:29600 - Open Arena 0.8.1
    Happy fraggin'.
  • New Server

    (Posted by: VikinG on: 2012-02-18)

    Due to a PHP-worm attack we decided to replace the old server by a new one.
    We also removed all dynamic code from the website. Therefore the FakeDB is history.
    The Quake 3 servers will be back soon.
  • FakeDB bug fixed

    (Posted by: VikinG on: 2007-02-25)

    Bakerman reported that the FakeDB removal did not work.